How to Find Truck Drivers: 7 Recruiting Ideas That Work in 2023

How to Find Truck Drivers Online

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Are you tired of the same old methods of finding truck drivers? We hear you! As a marketing agency specializing in the trucking industry, we know what it takes to attract the right drivers to your team.

That’s why we’ve come up with 7 innovative marketing ideas that are guaranteed to bring you a steady stream of leads in 2023. Don’t waste your time on outdated recruitment strategies – it’s time to step up your game, so buckle up and keep reading!

1) Get Driver Leads on Demand With Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising platform allows you to create custom ads and target specific audiences based on a range of demographic, geographic, and behavioral factors.

According to Statista, Facebook currently holds the title of the most-used online social network worldwide. It has 2.98 billion monthly active users as of the first quarter of 2023! The best part? Truck drivers are a key demographic group still highly active on Facebook. Whether commuting to work or taking road trips, they continuously scroll through Facebook while on the go. This makes Facebook the perfect platform if you’re looking to generate leads.

But it’s not just the sheer number of drivers that makes Facebook Ads so powerful. The platform also offers highly intuitive targeting options that allow you to get specific with aiming for what you need. With Facebook Ads, you can target drivers based on geographic location, age, interests, and more.

What Are the Main Benefits of Facebook Ads for Trucking Companies?

The hiring process through Facebook Ads is a game-changer. Unlike recruiting companies that may sell the same driver to multiple trucking companies, drivers who sign up through your Facebook job ad are exclusively yours. This means less competition from other companies and the opportunity to onboard top talent quickly and efficiently.

You can customize your job ad to target specific types of drivers. Moreover, you have full control over what kind of candidate you attract. So whether you need company drivers, semi-truck owner-operators, OTR drivers, lease-to-own, or else – the choice is yours!

But the benefits don’t stop there. Need to attract truck drivers with specific skills or qualifications? No problem. With Facebook Ads, you can choose drivers with experience in dry vans, reefers, and flatbeds or drivers who can drive to Canada or work dedicated routes. The possibilities are endless!

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How Many Driver Leads Can I Get Per Week?

You have the power to control the number of leads you receive daily based on your budget.

Our experience has shown that the average cost of a driver lead varies depending on the type of driver you are looking for. For lease-to-own drivers, expect to pay between $3 to $6 per lead. Company drivers fall between $5 to $10, while owner-operators range from $8 to $16.

Should I Advertise on Instagram?

Advertising on Instagram is a great way to attract qualified truck drivers. Moreover, as Facebook now owns Instagram, you can easily transfer your ads from Facebook to Instagram.

By targeting potential drivers on Instagram, you can reach a larger audience and find the perfect candidate for your business. However, based on our experience, we have found that we get better results when promoting our job listings on Facebook.

If you have a limited budget, we suggest focusing on Facebook first and then expanding to Instagram as your hiring needs grow. The key is to ensure your job listings are compelling and eye-catching and clearly communicate the benefits of working for your company.

Will I Get More Driver Leads if I Boost My FB Post?

No – to obtain leads, you must initiate advertisements specifically tailored for this purpose. Additionally, you must ensure that your ads are categorized under the employment category, adhering to Facebook’s privacy policy and United States employment laws.

This category includes promotions for job openings, links to part or full-time positions, details on internships, and ads for professional certification programs. Plus, it encompasses related ads for job boards or fairs, aggregation services, and company perks.

However, we recommend boosting posts to increase engagement on your profile and improve your overall branding. By leveraging the power of social media platforms, you will certainly find qualified truck drivers in no time!

2) Be Active on Social Media

Every truck driver today spends several hours on social media scrolling through newsfeeds and looking for new opportunities. Therefore, building a strong online presence can make a significant difference in your efforts to hire drivers successfully.

Here’s why: when drivers see your ad, they will do a little research to learn about the company culture, principles, and work environment. This is where your profile comes into the picture. Your social media presence can provide insight into your company’s work culture and values. By creating a consistent brand image and messaging across your accounts, you can attract drivers more aligned with your company’s mission.

Being active online also means regularly posting updated photos. They need to represent your company faithfully. Posting engaging pictures from your drivers’ day-to-day activities or sharing industry news can keep your audience interested. It gives the impression that your company is active and connected with the trucking industry.

Moreover, you will need to implement effective marketing tactics. If you’re not sure how to do it, you should find a good trucking marketing agency to help you promote your business online. They can also help you post engaging content and create targeted advertising campaigns. Doing so will increase your visibility, and you will connect with potential drivers way faster.

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Seek Advice and Reach Out for Guidance

Don’t stress if you feel like you’re drowning in the constant changes of the trucking industry. It can be tough to balance keeping up with trends while growing your company. But there’s always a solution – an experienced social media agency for trucking can swoop in and save the day. With their help, you will be able to find the best truck drivers in no time!

Social media agencies specialize in building and maintaining an online presence that aligns with your company’s values and mission. They can help you optimize your ad targeting to reach the right audience for your job postings. Using data and analytics, they will identify the demographics, behaviors, and interests of potential candidates and tailor your ads accordingly. Assistance is always appreciated and can do wonders for your business!

3) Stay Ahead With an Up-To-Date Website

When you’re in the process of hiring truck drivers, this is one of the most important things you should do. Although social media ads may catch potential drivers’ attention, many will visit your trucking company website for more information. This is where you can make the best impression and attract the best candidates for your open positions.

Your website needs to be up-to-date and optimized for mobile phones. The majority of people, including truck drivers, access the internet on their phones. Did you know that 86.92% of drivers search for a job from mobile devices? Recent trends show a significant increase in mobile device usage for accessing the web. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you could be missing out on a vast pool of talent.

We have a few tips for you to make your website stand out. First and foremost, keep it fresh with regular updates and new content. Make sure it’s easy to navigate and find information – this is vital! Also, use high-quality images and graphics. Remember to highlight what makes you a great employer.

Moreover, it’s essential to have synchronized messages and offers on your website and ads. Ensure you have clear and visible application forms so drivers can easily apply through the website. It’s also important to include a job description that accurately represents the position you’re hiring for. Finally, include information on benefits like weekly pay, offering direct deposit, various bonuses, and other perks you offer new employees.

Should I Do SEO for My Trucking Business Website?

You may be wondering if investing in SEO is really worth it. It depends on various factors, such as your budget, resources, and goals. However, from our experience, we have found that SEO is not the most profitable form of marketing in this industry.

When potential drivers search for terms like “driver recruiting” or “hiring CDL drivers,” they will likely come across large sites and established authorities that have already invested heavily in their SEO strategies. It takes years of continuous effort and a substantial budget to break into the top ranks of Google’s search results.

We confidently say that Google Ads is a much better option for any trucking company looking for new drivers. Trust us – you will effectively reach your target audience with the proper targeting and messaging. With the right marketing mix, you will stand out from your competition and find those drivers you’re looking for in no time!

4) Google Ads: Place Your Ads While Drivers Are Looking for a Job

Now, let’s talk more about Google Ads and why they are the way to go!

Google Ads is a pay-per-click advertising platform allowing advertisers to create ads on search engine result pages and affiliated websites. By leveraging the power of keyword targeting, you can display your ads to users actively searching for specific terms. In this case, those terms can be “truck driver jobs,” “hiring owner operators,” “best lease to own companies,” etc.

One of the biggest benefits of using Google Ads for job posting is that they are highly targeted. As said before, people looking for driving jobs will typically search using job-related keywords that you can use to your advantage. Optimizing your job ad with relevant keywords can increase its visibility and attract more qualified candidates.

Moreover, you will find just what you’re searching for. Whether you’re seeking lease-to-own, owner-operators, team truckers, or any other driver type, you can include it in your ad.

Another advantage of using Google Ads is that the cost is determined by the number of clicks you receive. This means that you only pay for the traffic your ad generates. Additionally, you can set your budget and bid prices to ensure that you stay within your ad spend limit.

5) Marketing Automation

Marketing automation includes using software to automate marketing activities, such as email marketing campaigns, lead generation, and more. This technology enables you to streamline marketing processes and personalize communication.

As HubSpot partners, we have seen firsthand how marketing automation can transform how businesses approach lead generation and engagement. This is especially true when it comes to responding to leads. Did you generate a lead? Follow up quickly – within five minutes, if you can!

But why is speed so critical? The chances of a lead responding to a call or email decrease as time passes. It is very important to contact leads in the first 5 minutes because the response rate decreases by 80% if the lead is contacted within 5 to 10 minutes. Imagine how much the response rate decreases if the lead is contacted after a few hours or even days.

This is where marketing automation comes to aid. It’s very useful if you want to stay ahead of the game. If you do it right – the results will be there, we assure you.

SMS Marketing

When someone applies for one of your job ads, the automation system will swing into action, calling them within seconds. If the applicant doesn’t answer, the automated SMS system sends them a calendar link to schedule an interview at a time that suits them.

The beauty of this automation system is how simple and easy it is to setup everything.

As you can see, time is truly of the essence when responding to your leads. Being prompt in your response can make all the difference!

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6) Brand Your Trailers

Have you considered branding your truck trailers? This creative marketing strategy can bring you unexpected success in recruiting talented truckers!

By putting a QR code on your trailers, which leads to your website’s job application page, you promote your company and provide an easy way for interested drivers to apply. Given that trailers are often parked in busy parking lots where other drivers will pass by and see them, you will get more visibility and reach way more potential employees. Who knows? You may find some of the best truck drivers this way!

Furthermore, branding your trailers with your logo and contact information increases brand recognition and awareness. This further adds to the credibility and professionalism of your firm.

7) Referrals

Many companies offer referral bonuses to incentivize their current drivers to bring in new hires. You should think about it, too! When your drivers refer potential recruits, it makes the hiring process way easier. You will know that someone has already vouched for them and has confidence in their skills and experience.

Therefore, referrals are a great way to recruit truck drivers, benefiting both the company offering the bonus and the drivers themselves. Your drivers have firsthand experience in the industry and can provide valuable insight and information to potential recruits. They can speak about what your company stands for, the types of routes and loads, and even the overall benefits of the job.

And the advantages of referrals don’t stop at the recruiting process. The referring driver also has a great interest in the success of their referral. If the new hire performs well and becomes a valuable member of the team, it not only reflects positively on the company but also on the referring driver. They can take pride in knowing they played a part in bringing in a top-performing employee.

Furthermore, referrals can help with driver retention. By building relationships with their colleagues, new hires are more likely to feel a sense of community and belonging within the company. This, in turn, can lead to increased job satisfaction and lower turnover rates. As you can see, referrals offer a win-win opportunity for everyone!

How to Retain Truck Drivers Once You Hire Them

Congrats! You’ve come to the end of this blog. Now, let’s say you successfully hired a group of qualified drivers ready to hit the road and help you reach new heights. But now comes the challenge of retaining them for the long haul. So, here’s how to do it!

Maintain a Positive Company Culture

Maintaining a positive company culture starts with both you and your management team. Your team should lead by example and promote a culture of respect, teamwork, and appreciation for every CDL driver. A positive working environment will make your drivers feel valued and appreciated. Moreover, it can also make them more invested in your company’s success.

It’s important to remember that your drivers are your ambassadors on the road. When you create such an inclusive culture and environment, your success is guaranteed.

Finally, remember to encourage open communication. This way, you will create opportunities for drivers to provide feedback. That is another excellent way to show that you value their opinions and ideas.

Implement a Schedule That Fosters Work-Life Balance

In 2023 and beyond, the trucking industry must realize that prioritizing work-life balance is crucial for attracting and retaining talented drivers. Embracing a flexible working schedule is a win-win for both your company and drivers.

Driver jobs are anything but easy, often requiring them to spend long hours on the road away from their loved ones. This has led to many people feeling overworked. In the end, truck drivers quit when they receive inadequate pay, endure long working hours, and are compelled to do demanding tasks such as unloading. This can all be prevented with more consideration and care.

Offer More Benefits and Perks Than Competitors

On the top of this list is health insurance. Every trucker will appreciate it if you go the extra mile to provide them with the best health insurance available.

Next thing, we have sign-up bonuses. Of course, people are always looking for ways to make more money, including drivers. Recruitment incentives can be extremely valuable, so this is a fantastic way to get more drivers.

Another competitive benefit is paid vacation time. Truck driving is a demanding job that requires long hours on the road. Drivers often get very little time off, so offering additional paid vacation time can make a big difference in the quality of their lives. With all these competitive benefits, you will surely enjoy a more stable and productive team!

Equip Drivers with High-Quality Vehicles and Tools

Investing in the latest vehicles and tools will help you to keep pace with the rapidly changing technology in the industry. Equipping your drivers with GPS-enabled tracking devices can help them avoid traffic and optimize their driving routes. This way, you will save expenses on fuel and related costs.

In addition, upgraded safety features in vehicles will greatly increase security, resulting in reduced costs and improved reputation. This will definitely help you avoid driver shortage in the future.

With these tips in mind, we have no doubt that you’ll soon hire truck drivers you can count on and form successful partnerships. We wish you the best of luck!

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