Have you ever tested what is the actual reach of your posts if you don’t pay social media giants to “push” them to a bigger crowd?

Do all your page followers see your publications each time you publish?

Social media networks allow us to connect with our potential customers, create pages, companies, profiles, and interact with them when needed.

What all social networks have in common is that they exist because of the monthly active users, so the last thing they want to do is cover their feed with irrelevant information.

Social media marketing Chicago
Here you could say that if the user follows your brand, the app should serve them content you share. But we all follow many people and pages, and we all spend limited time on our feed.

Therefore, algorithms must work hard so that we get a portion of everyone for the time we spend online, leaving us curious to come back for more tomorrow.

Paying to boost your posts ensures you get a higher chance of making it to your potential customer feed.

Boosting your regular posts seems easy. It gets you interaction and reach from your customers. Sometimes you get a great result.


We spent thousands of dollars in learning what works best, how to make visuals that attract attention and write ads that convert.

Placing a retargeting code on your website allows us to target social media users who interacted with your brand before, and serve customized ads for your products and services.

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