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Ma Team agency offers Pay Per Click (PPC) Management. PPC is a digital marketing strategy designed for businesses that want to increase their traffic, conversions, and overall revenue.

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Pay Per Click Management Agency

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    Boost your ROI with PPC campaigns

    How PPC Grows Your Business

    Pay per click ads, or PPC for short, is a proven way for businesses to drive profitable business leads and valuable website traffic right away. In addition, these advertising opportunities can help rise up an organization’s brand awareness both on the local level as well as nationally with a little upfront cost.

    PPC management is the most effective way to get a high volume of relevant and qualified leads. But they’re not easy! That’s why you need an expert PPC manager who can build your campaign from keywords, ads, landing pages, and management/optimization processes in order to meet or beat your target cost per lead metrics.

    As the old saying goes, “numbers don’t lie”. And basing your PPC on ROI is a sure-fire way to know that you’re making an investment in your business.

    If you’re currently running PPC campaigns and not sure what your target cost per lead is, or if it looks like they are not driving a positive ROI for your business, contact us today. Otherwise, keep reading to find out more about our channel-specific services.

    Why Choose MA Team As Your PPC Chicago Agency​

    Managing pay per click (PPC) campaigns requires expertise and extensive experience from PPC agency to ensure success. This is why it’s imperative to choose a reliable digital marketing firm like MA Team, with proven results for companies in Chicago.

    As a company that specializes in digital marketing, our team offers prospective clientele the chance to take advantage of our management after market research. We’ve been behind successful campaigns for different companies across many niches and it’s why you should choose us.

    Our Chicago PPC campaigns have helped generate leads as well sales – so when looking into an agency with proven results, make sure your search includes ours!


    Chicago PPC Management

    If you’re trying to get people interested in your business, but don’t have a large budget for marketing, or just want more bang for your buck – then Pay Per Click ads might be exactly what you need.

    Social PPC advertising allows increased engagement with the user compared to traditional Pay Per Click Advertising. Social networks offer a variety of formats and options, which allow brands to provide their users an experience that is personalized to them. There are other benefits like brand awareness or building customer loyalty through word-of-mouth marketing.

    Social ads are a great way to grow your business, as they offer the ability for marketers to target specific subsets of people.

    By using demographic filters, interest targeting options, and other factors like age or gender; businesses can be sure that their ads only reach relevant users while also being able to monitor who sees them.

    Facebook Ads

    Everyone is using Facebook, and with a clear majority of Americans on the site – 68% to be exact – there are boundless creative ways, like PPC social media, you can make it work for your business and people.

    We’ll help craft an effective marketing strategy that utilizes our expertise in social media marketing   techniques to increase awareness, gain consideration or earn conversions. We constantly research and track online trends so you don’t have to!

    Instagram Ads

    Instagram is known for its aesthetic appeal and magazine-worthy images, which means that most users have a discerning eye.

    Instagram is a great way to advertise your product or service on one of the most popular social media platforms. By understanding who you want as an audience and what they respond best to, advertisers can successfully target their desired demographic with engaging content at just the right time.

    Instagram advertising allows companies to reach out to specific audiences that are interested in those particular products by posting sponsored posts within targeted demographics’ feeds for maximum exposure.

    Google Search Ads

    Search advertising is a highly effective way to reach new prospects when you have an offer that they’re already looking for. Our pay per click Chicago experts recommend this type of marketing to businesses or people who want strong leads from interested buyers.

    Google Display Ads

    Display advertising is a great way to get your message out. With Google’s partners, you can reach more than 90% of online users who are searching for the ads that they see on websites like ours! Our experts in MA Team agency recommend display promoting because it maximizes photos and texts which make your ad stand out from others.
    • Creative video production tailored for each client’s needs
    • Reach people in their targeted demographic effectively through keywords and demographics targeting options as well as YouTube’s algorithm
    • Assist clients by navigating complex metrics such as average impressions per day, the total number of views over time, etc.

    Our PPC marketing experts use smart ad formats and extensions in a bid to provide significant results for our clients’ campaigns by targeting their intended audiences.

    This includes call-to-action buttons, content layout, web design features, strategy, etc. CRO studies have shown that many people abandon a site because they are not able to find what they need quickly enough – don’t let this happen!

    All of our landing pages will not only look great but function on all browsers across devices.

    We’ll use high-quality photos that don’t make you cringe (like stock photography) and we’ll strictly adhere to your brand guidelines, if they exist, to create a seamless user experience.

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    Our Portfolio


    Some of our recent PPC Campaigns

    Take a look at some of the examples of our previous work.

    Our PPC strategy takes on a comprehensive approach to value-addition by including steps such as strategic keyword recommendation, bid management, effective PPC copywriting, conversion rate optimization, etc.


    What Our Chicago Clients Are Saying



    Pay Per Click (PPC) management is the process of overseeing and managing a company’s PPC ad spend. This often involves strategies and ad buys while minimizing the overall expenditure.

    However, there are no guarantees that every campaign will be perfect due to an ever-changing landscape with varying audiences targeting different goals for various devices or online programs.

    However, it is still seen as an evolving art where perfection can’t always happen but should continue towards optimization in order to achieve success on any given budget.

    PPC agencies are the ultimate facilitators of digital marketing, and they’re not hard to find. They listen carefully as you describe your goals for a cohesive strategy that will meet all those needs while still maintaining an eye on low costs.

    This is why when it comes time to choose one make sure their experience level matches with what you need before deciding on where best to spend your money on a great strategy!

    So how do I know if my PPC agency has enough experience? The key here lies in understanding the business model each company employs; some focus solely on high-end clients while others work exclusively within certain industries or niches like local services or law firms

    The answer to the question, “Is PPC a worthwhile investment?” is that it depends. Pay Per Click ads are usually worth it because they generate more traffic than what was paid for and searchers who click on them have shown intent in buying our product; therefore, we want as many of these visitors as possible!

    PPC ads are a great investment because they are fast and flexible, meaning it is easy to do a quick experiment. If you find out that an ad isn’t working for your business then changing or stopping will be simple. This results in high-quality traffic at a low cost which makes them perfect if you’re aiming for conversions on our website.

    The PPC Manager takes all the guesswork out of advertising. They are responsible for developing and implementing Pay Per Click media strategies that will help your company succeed in its goals.

    The PPC Coordinator is an important member of this team, as they can quickly understand, manage, and support initiatives to contribute to client campaigns’ success!

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