MA Team started as a group of people with significant achievements in their areas.

We had a constant desire for improvements, and we wanted to apply our ideas to multiple business models. Each client, small or medium business, brings challenges, mechanisms, and tempo. It is our job to adapt and do our best to see that the company grows and becomes more profitable.

About MA Team Agency


We see the future in outsourcing departments that do not represent core business for the company. A company specialized in marketing should gather experts and professionals in the marketing area, providing the best possible experience for their clients.

It is our mission to give clients an excellent marketing service. To mature with them and provide what they need at a reasonable monthly price. Pay as you go, scale as you grow is our motto.

Our goal is to become the first choice in outsourcing marketing needs for startups. We desire to become a leading partner for locally and globally recognized brands in the US and the rest of the world.


Successful and productive companies enrich the lives of all of us. With the increase in financial wealth, it is easier to create and develop new businesses and hire young people.

With the improvement of products and services provided, and with the development of healthy competition to keep everyone in check, every business strives to succeed – and so do we!

The vision of the MA Team marketing agency is to improve our knowledge and selflessly share that knowledge with others.

Some of our respected clients: