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Online business is the foundation of any successful business. The world’s biggest companies base their business on online activities. The biggest advantage of this approach to business is that you are not limited.


Offline marketing is still the most developed type of marketing. Many companies, whether they want to or not, spend more than 60% of their monthly budget on catalogues, flyers, instore promotions and other types of offline marketing.


Representing your product or service to a wide audience demands Radio or Television advertising. Let us provide you with media plans, organize the purchase of ad time and entirely produce your advertisement.


Check out some amazing projects that have come out of the MA Team workshop


MA Team is a team of open and flexible young people who manage new technologies and moves to new marketing paths
which could be invaluable in the development of small and medium-sized businesses.
Dejan Savic – General manager - Digitel d.o.o.

Digitel firma

Recent events

Najnoviji događaji google

Google announced penalties

Google recently announced that any site that is not mobile responsive (adjustable for all devices) will appear less in search results for these devices.

Najnoviji događaji facebook

Facebook budget

Facebook video ads are becoming a serious competitor to Google's YouTube service. In the future, these ads are likely to take a serious percentage of the budget of every company.

Najnoviji događaji štampa

New Year's Eve has passed

For quite some time, printed material is slowly losing its share in marketing budgets. Has the digital era already arrived?

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  • More than 12 years of experience in marketing
  • We have worked with more than 100 small and medium-sized enterprises
  • We have direct Google and Facebook support
  • We provide complete marketing solutions in one place
  • Professional service and dedication to every client
  • We notify clients on a weekly basis about the results of their campaigns
  • Frequent suggestions to improve your business
  • We are available 24 hours a day