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Social media management

What the audience sees is what you broadcast. Stick out! Our social media strategy, research, and content creation will provide a consistent voice for your brand that connects with customers on an emotional level.

Social media stay focused while driving

The trucking company that is up-to-date with important awareness days relevant to the trucking industry shows that they care and, in return, keep their audience engaged at all times.

Raised awareness about the dangers of distracted driving



All the trucking companies offered the same benefits, so we needed something different to stick out and increase social media presence for the client.

  • Pay per week and a whole year of music on the road
  • Pay per week and a gym membership -stay healthy on the road
  • Pay per week and a paid unlimited phone plan – stay connected on the road
Social media Free year of music for truck drivers


Social media advertising

Lead generation and driver acquisition

Our digital marketing services are designed to help you find success.

We defer from other companies or recruiters that bring you driver leads. We are a trucking marketing agency, and we do this custom and tailored to you and you ONLY.

Potential drivers apply over Facebook and Instagram, seeing your company banner, your logo, and your ad. They fill out their data and answer your custom questions. This way, we bring you drivers and promote your brand and your website actively.
We can generate leads for your trucking company for as low as *$3 per potential truck driver.

* price can go higher or lower and vary depending on the current market, number of advertisers, and your social media profile relevance when creating ads.

Total Leads


Total Spent


Cost Per Lead


Social media owner operators needed ad
Total Leads


Total Spent


Cost Per Lead


Social media lease to own ads
Total Leads


Total Spent


Cost Per Lead


Social media lease to own with 0 down
Total Leads


Total Spent


Cost Per Lead


Social media trailer sales leads generation
Total Leads


Total Spent


Cost Per Lead


Social media lease to own leads generation
Total Leads


Total Spent


Cost Per Lead


Social media lease to purchase 0 down leads generation


Website development

Your website is the core of your online branding. It influences how your audience and customers judge your business and brand. Depending on how attractive and interactive it is, it can be your most important asset.

Our web design process is created to deliver you a beautifully crafted website for your trucking company that is fully customized and based on your needs.

Build brand awareness with beautiful and responsive website.
Build brand awareness with beautiful and responsive website.



We created many posts for the trucking industry that we are proud of, but for this page to be short, we had to narrow it down. We present you with some of our work here. You can see more on our Instagram profile @socialmediafortrucking where we post regularly.

Do you communicate with your target audience?
Are your messages as frequent as you would like them to be?

Maintaining company image is essential. Talking with your target audience is priceless.

We produce high-quality content to attract leads. Our research-based strategy blends creativity and experience to deliver better results.

Choose a weekly rhythm of posting, or let us suggest one for you. Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, Google My Business, LinkedIn, or Twitter – our team will take care of your accounts and ensure that the right people see the right post at the right time.



Social media marketing is everything your brand does on social media. It can be free posting and communication with your audience and generate leads through paid advertising.

In a fast world where we live, every brand exposure we can get is essential. Social media marketing might be considered an excellent solution for trucking companies as it seems less invasive than any other form of marketing strategy today.

This is a highly debated question today, and in the end, it depends on the person who creates your social media strategy. We genuinely believe that the company should have only social media platforms maintained regularly. There is no purpose of having a social media profile and not updating it.

We evaluate your social media profiles and followers to create content interesting to an online community and more likely generate leads. Our content writers follow trucking industry news daily and create content for posts that are likely to convert.

No, but we have dispatch experience, and social media marketing for trucking companies is 90% of our business. For years now, we have followed every trucking company page we can find, Facebook groups, look at their social media strategies, and follow their social media profiles. Utilizing social media and creating engaging content to get to a broader audience and target truck drivers is something we do every hour, every day of the week, all year round.

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