How to Write a Successful Blog Post

How to Write a Successful Blog Post

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So, you think you can write? How nice. Let’s test it, just in case. I mean, we all know many pieces of writing are alike, but the bad ones are bad in their own way. Make your piece of writing stand out in the vast market craving for fresh ideas, brand new insights, and original approach.


To avoid writing a lame blog post, the very first thing is to take a deep breath. It may sound cheesy, but, in reality, it can be a game-changer. It will make you calm and sharpen your mind. That way you will stop a myriad of very different ideas storming through your head. All of a sudden, one idea will pop up out of nowhere and it will capture your attention. There it is! You’ve found it! It’s YOUR topic.


Once it’s there, you need to figure out how to verbalize it. The gist is in front of your eyes, but it’s up to you to shape it into a top-notch blog post. First and foremost, assume who your target audience might be. Next, you should adjust your language to make your content teasing. Do not overthink it. Let it flow. Be you. Besides, it’s hardly a Ph.D. piece of writing.


First, think of the aspects your content should cover before doing the research. Then find the most relevant ones your audience will find most appealing. Make a research plan and stick to it. To begin with, ponder keywords. Do your homework and explore the topic in detail. Go for the extra mile and search for additional elements of your writing such as figures, percentages, images. Include any other elements your audience might find enticing.


Any serious writer should never skip doing his/her homework. Can you guess what it is? It is due diligence, by all means, but let’s be more specific here, shall we? You should do a full, in-depth background check and go through every single detail your piece of writing consists of. For that matter, pay a visit to credible and trustworthy sources. No, Wikipedia is not one of those. Try to use reliable websites. The thing is, if you write a piece full of fraudulent data, your reputation will precede you in a bad way. As it is better safe than sorry, check till you drop.


Needless to say, to produce a blog post is not copy-paste kind of thing. It must contain your very own thoughts. When you finish the research part off, you need to get down to writing content by incorporating your voice in it. It is your masterpiece, after all. Long story short, you are ill-advised to use the exact words of any other person and misuse them as yours. You are not to violate someone’s intellectual property in such an atrocious manner. So, just let the gods of creativity do their part of the job.


Ok, you’re almost there. You got this. The idea you have come up with is in black and white at least. Now you just have to take care of its looks. No, the suit doesn’t make a man, but it sure does form an opinion about him. In light of this, you need to take your text to the beauty treatment to make it look better. So, it’s formatting time. Firstly, chop your text without mercy. Shred it in tiny pieces that constitute the big picture. How you do that? By dividing it into separate paragraphs, of course. Name each of them in such a way so as to lure the readers. Also, you might want to use some other means to highlight particular parts of the text such as:
• bullet points here and there
• italic or bold options
• headings
• sub-headings


It’s done! Well, almost. One more thing and you are good to go. The very last phase of giving birth to your literary baby is to edit it. There are a plethora of ways how you can do this. For example, read it out loud and make sure your entire text makes sense. Also, feel free to make any adjustments, if necessary. Also, it’s never a bad thing to print it out and look for typing errors. This is the end of text polishing. Now do yourself a pat on the back. You earned it.

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