Marketing Ideas For Dental Office – The Ultimate List

Dental Marketing

For successful business owner marketing is a process that begins, but never ends.

You opened a new dental office or have been in business for a while now. If you’re serious about getting new patients, here is the list of marketing ideas for your dental office. Marketing attracts patients, and you keep your patients by showing you care about them. But marketing is more than just putting your business name out into the world.

Let’s see, where do you start? Go through our list and see if you have everything covered!


Your dental practice isn’t going to succeed without patients. It’s essential to get the word out and start to line up your patients. Consider completing a marketing plan that advertises your practice across your and nearby ZIP codes using online marketing, local print, TV, and radio stations.

Attracting new patients is very important to your dental practice’s survival, but so is keeping the patients you’ve already got.


Make your dental office’s website accessible, engaging, and easy to use. Dentist websites need to be built and optimized for mobile users. A perfect website for dental practices is a high-converting, user-friendly website with easy to click call, location, and schedule button always present on the home page.

CTA Buttons for website


If you want to increase your online presence, SEO is a must. You need to have content relevant to your target users if you wish to rank higher in search results. Clients trust search engines, and having a presence in the top positions for the keywords the client is searching increases the website’s trust.


Blogs improve traffic to your dental office website and convert casual visitors into new patients. Content for the blog should be relevant, engaging, informative, and entertaining. Post timely and post regularly, and add social media buttons for sharing and likes.

Some of the examples for blog titles:
How can I prevent cavities?
Is charcoal dangerous for my teeth?
Should I use whitening strips?
How often should I visit my dentist?


Local search is usually a combination of the city or ZIP code where your dental business is located and the dental service you offer. Many local searchers are looking for a particular business’s name, but many times when the searcher begins their search, they don’t have a specific company in mind.

An example of this would be a “Dental office 60622”, “Dentist West Town” or “Dentist 60622.”


By claiming your Google My Business (GMB) listing, you have taken a significant step toward helping your dental business show up on essential Google-related services, like Local Search, Maps, Knowledge Graph sections, etc.

Google Maps Dentists


Whether you are a newly opened dental office or an existing one, you want to acquire new patients. BEING ON SOCIAL MEDIA IS ESSENTIAL, so it would be best to have social media profiles. Social media presence will bring in new customers.

It is highly recommended to start only social networks relevant to your business and keep them alive. Post regularly, and with time, you will get the engagement. Facebook and Instagram also offer paid options for businesses. If you want to speed up the process, you can run paid marketing campaigns to targeted audiences.

Imagine potential, showing your business only to people that live and work in 10 miles radius from your location. These campaigns are usually less expensive and convert better than others.

Facebook Ads Dentists


Email marketing is another cost-effective way to bring more visitors to your website and, eventually, into your office. Think about how your birthday or holiday greeting to patients can go from standard to extraordinary.

Even these small email communications are an opportunity to take your brand marketing to the next level with creative, fun, or inspiring ideas.


You know your patients are satisfied with your work, so why not reward them when they spread the good news?

Put up a medium board in your waiting room with your referral program details and rewards for supporting your dental office. Whenever a referral makes an appointment, send a thank you card to the patient who recommends them.

This method provides immediate gratification and can make your patients feel good about referring people to you.


To your local search ranking should help recommendations, reviews and the feedback from your customers. It’s not a problem if there are a few negative or neutral reviews, as long as customers are talking about you, you’ll be considered more relevant in local search.

If you get great reviews, use them on local search pages on your site to make both search engines and users even happier.


When someone needs a dentist, the first thing they’ll do is ask friends and family for a referral. The next thing they’ll do is head to Google. Google Ads gives you the option to make sure the right people see your practice information at the right time.

Targeting particular dental services, products, or treatments will increase the chances of having your ad seen by the right people. The great thing is that you can start your ads today, stop them tomorrow, and select a budget that fits your pocket. Google Ads is the type of dental marketing you want to be running all the time with a limited budget.

Google Ads Dentists


Dental office software is a program that records, organizes, and keeps any practice records. With the right software, you will never waste valuable time sorting through patient cards, forms, and documents.

Dental software simplifies your office staff’s workflow in practically every way. Because it eventually leads to more effective patient care and in-office communication. You can easily access information from every office device and safely maintain patient records. We did limited research on the subject, but you will probably need to find one that fits your needs.

Some of them are DentrixDenticonNexHealthCurve DentalDentiMax, and the ones that can also run on your phone: TeledentrixiDentalSofttab32.


Your schedule is the heart of the dental business. Scheduling software should be comfortable and easy to use. It allows your employees to insert patient appointments in any way that maximizes time management and workflow. With that said, searching for scheduled appointments and open time-blocks for treatment should be instant and allow multiple users to access the schedule simultaneously and in real-time. You will spend less time answering the phone, which means more productive time in the office.

Most dental software can do this, but you can always help fill out your schedule by registering for additional services like ZocDoc and OpenCare.


As a dentist, you should take advantage of this form of marketing. Text your patient’s reminders of their appointment a day or two in advance. This will help to reduce your no-show rate. Text messaging allows patients to effectively and efficiently communicate with their dental office, creating ease and reducing stress for everyone involved.


Promotional products are a proven way to maximize your brand. Well-chosen giveaways can help spread the word about your services. Patients will be delighted to receive a dental themed gift, especially if it’s something they can use daily—examples of products: tooth-shaped dental floss keyring, promotional tooth-shaped in mints. You can find some of the ideas on this link.


You should be aware of the brand image when you deal with potential patients. Dental uniforms set a tone for your dental office and help communicate the brand values for everybody to see. Moreover, you can decorate it with the staff names and logos onto your uniforms for personalization.


Lists of new homeowners are accessible from many sources. Take advantage of these lists and send out a “Welcome to the Neighborhood” greeting card to these new potential patients.

Some of the dentists send Christmas cards and seasonal greeting cards to patients. In addition to expressing appreciation for continued customer loyalty, these cards serve as a helpful yearly reminder of the importance of dental care.


Patients will feel connected to your dental practice if they encounter it outside the office. Sponsor local events or school athletics team by buying advertising items with your logo on them or just making your presence known.


Every person loves a free deal, just make sure you’re not offering the same thing as every other dentist in town. Your advertised offers should be special enough to catch patients’ attention. Make sure to make this visit count. Let them feel special, so you retain a patient instead of them just using a free offer.

Instagram ads for dentists


If you ask for feedback, take it to heart and share feedback with your team. For example, if you discover that your staff is not as welcoming as they should be, bring this to their attention. Encourage them to be mindful of patients and carrying on private conversations in the office’s public spaces.

Again, if you receive positive feedback about your team, be sure to acknowledge and reward that behavior. Consider rewarding your great employees with free lunches or gift cards for excellent service. If they see that you care, they’ll reward you with loyalty.


Never forget the power of a business card in hand. People are bombarded by dental marketing material on their phones, TV, and print material. Many tune it out. But handing out business cards gives people a physical object to focus on. Make a lasting impression with unforgettable quality cards.

Do a type of print that will give your patients an option to write on them. Some of your patients are still old fashioned and like to have appointment written on a piece of paper. Why not make a big deal out of it?


Take advantage of your waiting room and put some professionally designed brochures that patients can read while waiting. These brochures can highlight the benefits of your dental services.

Sometimes it’s the small things that can give patients a better vibe about your office. Try displaying complimentary coffee, drinks, and (healthy) snacks with your logo. Decorate it to be fun and kids friendly. Your young patients will love it!


If you work hard enough, it’s possible to become a known authority in your dental field through forum posting. Quora and Reddit are perfect examples. People ask a lot of questions about dentistry on the site all the time.

Many dentists set up their profiles and focus on answering these questions. Educating about dental health will take part of your time, but when you are opening your first office, the time is what you have. Use it to boost your profile.


Promotions can be an excellent way for dentists to get the word out about a new service and their dental practice. This is very important if you are a new dental office in town.

You can offer a discount plan for your patients if they pay a package upfront. Cleaning + Dental Work for a reduced price. The Dental office can give a dental discount card, which they present at each dentist visit to get the lower prices on services. Each visit can earn them one stamp. Collecting ten stamps can be free cleaning. Simple but effective loyalty program.

Loyalty program for Dentists


Create relationships with other businesses in your city or related industry to promote each other’s services. For example, an orthodontist would be an excellent business to get referrals from.


Creating videos about dental service and oral health is a great way to get more reach for your dental business. Instead of promoting your services, you can make them educational, entertaining, and informative.


Use theme music for music on hold. Change it during holidays, make it unique. Music on hold is a great way to tell your patients a story. You can pay a small fee for voice-over and present offers, loyalty programs, referral programs, ask for a rating, and so on. Use the time your patients listen to share your current promotions.


Attract Patients – Advertise in your ZIP code online and offline.

Website – Create fixed screen buttons for your location, phone number, and appointment form.

Perform SEO Optimization – Optimizing your website can help you get ranked higher in google search.

Write a blog – Improve your website links and traffic. Write blog posts like “How do I Prevent Cavities?” to reach out to your audience.

Optimize for local search – Do optimization by your ZIP code. If needed in the beginning, pay targeted ads.

Setup Google My Business – Claiming or creating your business profile on Google will include you in all their relevant services like Google Maps. Check and update your profile and rating regularly.

Social Media Marketing – Select social media networks you will manage and start posting. Keep them up to date. To speed up the process, pay for the ads.

Email Marketing – Send offers, Birthday discounts, Holliday cards. Keep communication.

Develop a referral incentive program – Make a referral program poster for your waiting room and your website. Send thank you cards for each successful referral.

Ask your patients for reviews – We all read reviews before even small purchases. Imagine how deep that research goes if you are working on your body parts. Do anything you can to get as many positive reviews as possible.

Google Ads Targeted Dental Marketing – Target your or nearby ZIP codes to gain patients who live or work in the area.

Dental Software – Reduce unnecessary office time by selecting a good software for your office.

Scheduling – Make it as simple as possible. List in all the listings users’ research to find doctors.

Text messaging – appointment times, due for a checkup, cleaning reminders.

Promotional Products – Small gifts are highly appreciated by everyone. Be creative and do something different.

Clothes – To increase brand image, you and your team members should always be wearing uniforms with your company logo and name.

Neighborhood greeting cards – Research new neighbors and send them “Welcome to the neighborhood” cards with a free checkup for the entire family. That might be new patients if you are lucky.  

Get involved in your community – Support local events, school teams. Get local exposure.

Offer free or discounted exams/cleanings – Everyone loves free stuff. Make it unique and make it counts.

Use patient feedback to shape your practice – Encourage your patients to share their office visit experience with you. Reward employees that make you look better.

Business cards print – Giving the extra money to print unordinary business cards will be noticed by your prospects.

Waiting room – Decorate your waiting room to be fun and kids friendly.

Become a known authority – Be active on Reddit, Quora, and other websites where people search for expert help.

Promotions, discounts, and deals – Make loyalty program cards and let your patients collect stamps for a free service.

Joint marketing – Partner up with orthodontists, endodontists, general dentists in your area to refer patients to each other.

Video marketing – Educational videos about oral health is something that can bring you a lot of popularity. Of course, if you know how to sing, that might work as well :).

Phone marketing – audio messages – Use theme music for music on hold and voice-over messages to keep your patients informed.

This post is long, and if you make it through, you are certainly one step closer to becoming a marketing expert for your business.
Not all of these will work for everyone, but I assure you that most of them will be applicable for 90% of dental offices.
You don’t need high budgets to run dental marketing campaigns. In fact, if you invest your time, with little money, you can do it all. Who else knows your practice better than you!?

For all the questions you might have, please reach out to us, and we will be happy to answer.

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