Obuke korišćenja Google analitike

Google analytics training

Put your company in the top searches for specific key words with the help of Google AdWords service.

As we have already mentioned, the MA Team advertising agency offers you services of Google advertising, Yandex advertising and other web activities. What is most relevant and common for all these aspects of advertising is results tracking. Choose an employee and the MA Team agency will provide them with necessary training to track company quality, website visits, and page quality. Everything is provided in the form of tables and reports. Find out which page gets the most visits; which page is least interesting to buyers or which page is the most interesting. Find out how long the user was at your website and how many pages they clicked on. Connect your webshop with analytics and track how many conversions (successful sales) the ad brought you. Make campaign goals. In just a few training sessions, you will have a basic knowledge and the power of information will be yours for the taking. It is up to you to use it wisely.