About us

Our past and how we see the future

MA Team started as a group of people with significant achievements in their areas. We had a constant desire for improvement and learning, and we needed to apply our ideas to multiple business models. Each job, each company, small or medium business, brings its challenges , mechanisms, and tempo. It is our job to adapt and do our best to see that businesses grow and become more profitable.

Mission: Each company desires progress and development. We see the future as transforming various departments in individual companies. A company specialized in marketing should gather only experts and professionals in that area. In order to give the clients what they need at a reasonable monthly price, it is our mission to provide small and medium businesses with a good solution to their marketing needs. To increase the company’s visibility offline and online. It is our mission to become a leading agency in the shortest time possible for the startup marketing needs of small and medium businesses, as well as the leading outsourcers for local and global brands in our region.

Vision: Successful and productive companies enrich the lives of all citizens of our country. With the increase of financial solvency, it is easier to create and develop new businesses and hire young people. With the improvement of products and services provided, and with the development of healthy competition to keep everyone in check, every business will strive to succeed. The vision of the MA Team Company is to improve the knowledge of many competent young people and selflessly share that knowledge with our colleagues.