Pay as you go, scale as you grow plans to follow your success!

Choose one of our predefined plans or create one on your own with a budget you have. MA team Marketing Agency offers services of an entire marketing team for small and medium businesses with a pricing model that fits all.

* Prices with “+” are minimum monthly prices for the plan. Prices may vary with unplanned projects and extra hours for the month. Displayed plan rates are agency fees and do not include campaign, print, or any other budgets for the client.

* Consulting services, Development services, Market research, and Marketing representative items are limited to hours available to the client and vary between the plans. To get details for your plan, consult our sales team.

* Plan hours are not transferable and reset each month. Pro hours include our top team members with years of experience in their fields. Basic hours are team members with a lower experience range and less time spent in the industry.

* Items displayed in gray are not included in the price. They are there for you to easily spot the difference between the plans.