Reklamiranje na sajtovima

Advertising on portals and websites

Use the advantages of detailed tracking provided by this type of advertising

Internet advertising via banners and PR articles offers the safest way to track potential buyers. Place banners on websites and you can easily track buyers coming to your website by clicking on the said banner and measure the time they spend there. Change ads daily, put special promotions or weekend prices, and organize Happy Hour on purchases every day. This is the most flexible space for advertising as it offers more possibilities and parameters for tracking, more than the Internet. The MA Team internet and web advertising agency offers the possibility of creating banners, purchasing ad space and detailed statistics after the period of advertising, on almost every portal in Serbia. According to your business and with previous experience, we will organize the best positions for you. Just choose a target audience (age, geolocation, monthly incomeā€¦) and we will determine the most profitable websites for your ad.